Servizi per le Economie di Energia


The Company

Econerg was founded in 1978, with the aim to provide businesses an integrated organization capable of providing research and engineering in the energy and the environment.

Econerg provides its services on the basis of a wide range of complementary skills. To this end, it is set from the beginning a rational coordination between specialists from various sectors in the fields of energy and environmental technology. .

Since 1978 the business has continuously developed and the original contents of competence and expertise of various specialists working within the organization was able to further enrich themselves through the experience on the ground in the various sectors of activity , which concerned the provision of assistance and advice to a number of important public bodies and private companies, both nationally and internationally in the field. .

On the domestic Econerg has directly assisted many businesses, ensuring the provision of services mainly in the fields of energy conservation, hydro and cogeneration. While similar services were provided in respect of institutions and public bodies. .

In this field we can mention the participation in the "Second Energy Finalized Project" of the CNR and ENEA. In this context, the Econerg conducted 13 research projects and applications in various industries (including pulp and paper, iron and steel, brick and food). On behalf of ENEA Econerg has prepared the Energy Saving Manual for the industries of paper and those of the Steel Electric. Since 1990, ENEA Econerg was selected, along with a few other similar organizations, for conducting, on behalf and under the supervision of that entity, energy audits and feasibility studies. This activity has affected dell'Econerg 26 industrial sites of varying size throughout the paper industry, sugar, rubber, brick, leather, the compact disk. .

In addition to these tasks, carried out on behalf of ENEA Econerg applied research on the use of new technologies on energy in the sugar sector, in the recompression of the vapor and the formation of dry paper. Recently, he collaborated with ENEA Econerg in the field of "Energy Quality", with particular regard to the irregularities of the short transient voltage eletrico networks. .

In the international activity has focused mainly dell'Econerg collaboration with the European Commission and predominantly with the Directorate General for Energy, particularly in the areas of cogeneration, small-hydropower (part of the Joule-Thermie Program) and the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5).